The reason why I work only with ecommerce

By | January 31, 2015


I have been running a web agency business for many years.

Up until last year, I would build anything and everything a client needed to be done.

At the end of last year, I was assessing my clients’ numbers and noticed something interesting: the clients for whom I built e-commerce stores made $50 million, whereas the clients for all the other projects I built didn’t even make a $1 million.

I am all about helping my clients, and I started to get the feeling that even though I was building the software that they were envisioning, in the end, it just wasn’t getting them the consumers they needed in order to grow their business to a billionaire production—which was their dream in the first place.

I was hired just to build their idea, but I care about the outcome of my clients. Because of this, I decided to stop building just anything anymore, and to start to only build the things that will help my clients fulfill their dreams the most. Ecommerce is such a simple, scalable, sellable concept. Anyone can easily succeed at it!

I myself have my own ecommerce, so I know the ins and how to grow them to quick success.

Through the ecommerce field, I know I can help my clients make $50 million a year and  that’s why I work only with e-commerce.


Cesar Felipe

Why Your ECommerce Business Can’t Afford to Ignore AdWords

By | December 10, 2014


It’s true that there are plenty of free ways to market your business online. For example, you can optimize your blog, engage in social networking, and list with directories like Yelp and Yellow Pages.

But at some point, you’re bound to realize that you could get further with paid advertising options. And for those just starting to dabble in online marketing, or those with a business that operates solely online, Google’s AdWords is a good place to start when it comes to e-commerce marketing.

In fact, you really can’t afford to ignore the advantages offered by AdWords. You can bet that your competitors are using pay per click (PPC) and product listing ads (PLA) as an affordable way to advertise and target a specific audience.

Cesar Felipe

5 Effective Ways to Increase Your ECommerce Conversion Rate

By | November 19, 2014

E-commerce concept, carts and machine

Whether you operate solely in the online arena or your business has a real-world counterpart to complement your online store, there’s no denying the potential to increase sales when you target online shoppers.

Thanks to factors like low cost and convenience, many consumers have turned to online sources for all of their shopping needs, rather than trying to comparison shop and find the goods they want at brick-and-mortar stores. And as a savvy business owner, you naturally want to take advantage of this shift in consumer habits.

Cesar Felipe

6 Essential AdWords Optimization Tips for ECommerce

By | November 5, 2014


There are many goals associated with conversion marketing, such as improving your online presence, increasing targeted traffic, and getting top placement for specific keywords. But in most cases, the ultimate goal is conversions, which is to say, sales.

And while the pay per click (PPC) options offered by Google AdWords will certainly help your business become a more recognizable brand thanks to top-of-page placement for specific search terms, You’re going to have to do more than simply post ads if you want to achieve conversions.

It is therefore imperative that you optimize your ads. However, this isn’t exactly an intuitive process. There are several factors that can help or hinder your ability to grab attention, compel click-through, and encourage visitors to convert to paying customers.

Here are just a few essential optimization tips that should help the average ecommerce business optimize when using AdWords.

Cesar Felipe

Conversion Rate Optimization: 6 Steps to Mine More Conversion Gold

By | October 25, 2014


Many people are so focused on driving traffic to their website or blog that they overlook the optimization strategies they could employ to increase conversions on their site. It is as if they are panning for gold in a stream instead of swinging a pick to find out where the gold is coming from.

They fail to see that no matter how much water they manage to send down the stream, they are settling for dust compared to the larger nuggets they could mine if they focused on the real gold.

On your website, that gold is conversions. Traffic is nice. Traffic is necessary. Conversions, however, contribute directly to the bottom line.

Optimizing conversion rate is all about increasing the percentage of visitors who go on to complete your goal. If you tie your goal to revenue and you are already receiving steady traffic, then you should be able to increase revenue without increasing traffic. Of course, once your site is optimized, you will continue to reap the benefits of increased conversions as traffic grows.

Cesar Felipe

I wireframe to avoid confusion and be on the same page with my clients.

By | August 26, 2013


Today a potential client call me, he was very frustrated. He had just fired his web developer and I was looking for new developer capable of “understand what his says”.  He was complaining that his former developer delivered something totally different from what he asked and imagined.

This kind of situation happens very often, the problem is when one try to explain his or her ideas using only words valuable information are lost, “an image is worth a thousand words”.

Cesar Felipe